DMI offering summer camp tuition assistance through Best Buy Foundation grant

Youths who qualify for financial assistance to attend Digital Media Institute at Intertech’s (DMI) summer camps may benefit from a new tuition assistance program made possible by a Best Buy Foundation grant.

Best Buy Foundation, through grants such as the one to DMI, has committed to helping prepare one million teens from underserved communities annually for tech-reliant jobs of the future.

DMII’s camps provide an introduction to the ever-growing digital media industry through hands-on experiences in a cutting-edge environment and by using the latest technology. The camps offer an entry-level opportunity for young people to understand the basics of animation and visual effects and how to make a basic video game using the same professional level programs the industry is using.

DMII offers two camps each summer based on its two certificate programs. Game Development Camp is June 11-15, and Animation and Visual Effects Camp is July 16-20.

“For some, the camps may simply provide a fun and rewarding summer learning experience, an opportunity for those who love to play video games to develop a better understanding of how to make them. Others may decide to use their learning as a platform for pursuing continued education – whether at their local high school, by applying and returning to DMI, or by pursuing other training and education opportunities,” said DMI Executive Director John Miralles.

As society’s reliance on technology grows, careers in the technology field also will grow, thereby making related skill development at an early age a valuable and necessary component to continued economic growth.

“Focused market sectors seeing growth are the internet of things, virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile gaming,” said Miralles. “All of these need content creators, and the camps expose a new generation to these skills.”

Animation and Visual Effects Camp gives students five days of hands-on experience with the art and craft of animation and visual effects. Students use DMI equipment and programs, including the 1,600-square-foot green screen studio, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects, and learn to create their own animation and videos. Using their new skills, students develop several small projects throughout the week.

Game Development Summer camp provides students with hands-on experience in making video games through the Unity technology platform and Visual Basic Studio. Students learn the fundamentals of game design and development by building several small games throughout the week. Their experience culminates with the creation of original small team projects, which they will present to students and instructors for judging in an informal competition.

“The goal of our camps is to grow and support interests in the use of technology and digital media and to inspire future education and career choice,” said Miralles. “The camps are also a great intersect of education, technology and fun.”

To learn more about DMI’s summer camps or its two accredited certificate programs, visit or, or call 318.213.0788.