BRF is building our region’s future, one initiative at a time


BRF, headquartered in Shreveport, is an innovation hub and economic development organization establishing North Louisiana as a preferred destination for high-growth initiatives. Diversifying the region’s economy is its mission. It fulfills this mission through initiatives that start new businesses, recruit new businesses and retain current businesses in the region, and through supporting the development of a science and technology-based workforce.

Economic Development

BRF’s diverse economic development initiatives are in Starting new businesses, Recruiting new businesses and Retaining current businesses. Our newest recruitment initiative could be called Economic Development 3.0.


Entrepreneurs in need of resources, services and access to capital to launch their businesses can find what they need through our team of financial analysts and angel investors.


Clinical trials for new drugs and medical devices help patients and bring cutting-edge treatments to North Louisiana, strengthening patient care and our economy.


Our unique research and drug discovery and production capabilities, along with our PET scan facilities, increase access to healthcare and improve scientific collaboration.


BRF’s mission to diversify and grow our region’s economy includes fostering a knowledge-based workforce, which is why we support STEM programs in local high schools.

Digital Media

Our degree-granting institute offers training in advertising design, animation, visual effects and more to students interested in joining the growing field of digital media.


Companies looking for offices or specialized labs can find homes in our facilities or even build their own in our 60-acre smart growth park in central Shreveport.

Latest Videos

Expert economic forecaster Dr. Marci Rossell provided a global economic forecast at BRF's Annual Event in Northwest Louisiana. Topics covered: global economic outlook, federal reserve, federal interest rates, housing costs, remote work, Artificial Intelligence, unemployment rates, labor force trends, oil prices and inflation.

Learn more about BRF and its initiatives at our YouTube channel.


Local students shine in science fairs

Students from BRF's EdVentures programs place in regional and state competitions The Bobbie Cates Hicks Science and Medicine Academic Research Training (SMART) and Biotechnology Magnet Academy’s (BTA) BioStart Internship programs are both part of BRF’s EdVentures...



The Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy, formerly the PET Imaging Center, was established as the first positron emission tomography imaging center in Louisiana. It specializes in the production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals, technologically advanced clinical trials and research opportunities for scientists.

Collaboration Link

Collaboration Link’s mission is to advance technological innovation in support of government agencies and enhance the economic vitality of Northwest Louisiana.

Digital Media Institute

The Digital Media Institute at InterTech prepares students through a two-year associate degree in advertising design and two one-year certificates in animation, visual effects and computer graphics and interactive gaming.


BRF is committed to providing training and education for our community and chooses to invest in programs that cultivate a workforce with the skills, understanding and creativity to excel in a knowledge-based economy.


The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP), launched in 2014, seeks out and evaluates new products and ideas, and with its team of professional analysts, helps entrepreneurs determine the best business model for their product and grooms them to present their product to investors and secure financing to launch their business.

Envision Research

BRF created Envision Research to pursue new research initiatives and provide support for the conduct of clinical trials toward new treatments and diagnostics, improvement of patient care and economic development of North Louisiana.

Intertech park

The InterTech Park is a 60-acre urban Brownfields, smart growth initiative located in central Shreveport. Its resident companies represent pharmaceutical, digital media, drug discovery, venture capital support and environmental industries.


BRF recruited Omicron Technology Solutions to Shreveport from Chicago in 2021. Omicron is a software-as-a-service developer and provider serving three industries: transit and rider management, identity and visitor management and student information software.

Shreveport Next

Launched in September 2020, Shreveport Next’s mission is to recruit small to mid-size businesses from across the country to relocate or build new facilities in the Shreveport-Bossier area, diversifying the region’s business base and bringing new jobs, taxable property, payroll and revenue to Northwest Louisiana.


Diversify and grow our region’s economy.


Operate as a catalyst to expand and develop research, entrepreneurship and high-growth businesses in our region.


Innovation. Collaboration. Problem Solving. Bold Action.

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