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BRF was formed in 1986 as the result of an economic development study commissioned by the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce following Shreveport’s economic downturn in the 1980s. Originally known as the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana, BRF was created as an economic development organization with the mission to diversify and grow the region’s economy.

BRF’s initial efforts focused on developing the biomedical and life sciences industries, including support of LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport.

Beginning in 2013, BRF’s economic development activities began to expand into initiatives focusing on entrepreneurship, angel investing, digital media, business recruitment and more. Across its various initiatives, BRF’s economic development focus is on starting new businesses, recruiting new businesses and retaining current businesses.

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  • Our Start

    Our Start
    When the price of oil dropped to $14 per barrel, many companies that were the anchors for Shreveport’s economy either left town or shut down. In response, The Shreveport Chamber of Commerce commissioned an economic development study which resulted in the formation of the Biomedical Research Foundation to help diversify our economy into other industry sectors.
  • Setting Goals

    Setting Goals
    The LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport adopted a goal to expand its medical research capacity to recruit more faculty, conduct more research and develop innovative products. BRF constructed a plan and began the fundraising effort to transform this plan into a reality.
  • Biomed Facility Opens

    Biomed Facility Opens
    BRF’s Virginia K. Shehee Biomedical Research Institute opened with 56 state-of-the-art research laboratories connected to the LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport. This is the first facility in the soon-to-be developed InterTech Science Park.
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Center Opens

    Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Center Opens
    The state and region’s first Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Center opened in the Virginia K. Shehee Biomedical Research Institute. PET expedited the diagnosis and treatment process for cancer patients as well as advanced research on many other diseases. BRF also launched STEM education programs for local high school students to assist in educating future innovators and workers for the region.
  • InterTech is Established

    InterTech is Established
    BRF and teams of local civic leaders announced plans to create the InterTech Science Park, an 800-acre science and technology park in central Shreveport.
  • InterTech Building Completed

    InterTech Building Completed
    BRF constructed its second InterTech Science Park facility, a 33,000 sq. ft. cleanroom manufacturing facility on Kings Highway.
  • PamLab/Red River Pharma Starts Operations

    PamLab/Red River Pharma Starts Operations
    PAMLAB/Red River Pharma, a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products, moved into the InterTech and quickly grew to over 40 employees with manufacturing, packaging and cleanroom operations and facilities. Nestlé Health Science– the world’s largest nutrition company— acquired Red River Pharma in 2013 with plans to expand in the InterTech.
  • Third InterTech Building Completed

    Third InterTech Building Completed
    The 66,000 sq. ft. InterTech 1 facility opened in the InterTech Park. Moonbot Studios moved in and began to create Louisiana’s first full service animation studio under the direction of Emmy Award-winning author and illustrator William Joyce.
  • Our Rapid Growth

    Our Rapid Growth
    The InterTech Science Park grew to 12 facilities and 366,000 sq ft. of space, housing 25 tenants whose 360 employees generated an annual payroll of $15 million, and earned an average annual wage of $50,000.
  • Moonbot Studios

    Moonbot Studios
    Moonbot Studios grew to over 25 employees and won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short for “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.”
  • University Health Systems Opens

    BRF stepped forward to save the former LSU hospitals in Monroe and Shreveport when no other entity was willing to accept management of north Louisiana’s two safety net hospitals as part of the State’s hospital privatization plan. BRF formed a wholly owned subsidiary named University Health and hired internationally renowned firm Alvarez and Marsal to manage the transition. The transition was completed in 135 days and retained over 3,200 jobs and more than $800 million in annual economic impact for Shreveport and north Louisiana through the two hospitals. UH is home to state-designated Centers of Excellence including
  • CMIT is Launched

    CMIT is Launched
    The PET Imaging Center rebrands as the Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy, advancing its efforts to transform the way doctors discover and treat diseases. The Center hosts advanced clinical trials, offers cutting-edge healthcare solutions for patients and provides research opportunities for scientists. It also produces and distributes radiopharmaceuticals used for the speedy detection of medical conditions.  
  • DMII is Launched

    DMII is Launched
    The Digital Media Institute at InterTech prepares students through a one-year accelerated program offering experience in animation, visual artifacts and computer graphics for film and interactive gaming in a real-world atmosphere. The Institute’s mission is to deliver rapid 21st century training to students to prepare them for careers in digital media.
  • EAP is Launched

    EAP is Launched
    The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP), launched in 2014, seeks out and evaluates new products and ideas, and with its team of professional analysts, helps entrepreneurs determine the best business model for their product and grooms them to present their product to investors.
  • ORDA is Launched

    BRF created the Office for Research Development and Administration (ORDA) in 2015 to seek and pursue new research initiatives and provide support for the conduct of clinical trials towards new treatments and diagnostics, improvement of patient care and economic development of North Louisiana.
  • University Health Excels

    University Health outlined year one improvements at the former state run hospitals which included improved earnings by approximately $80 million; reduced expenses to the State by $49 million as reported by Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH); reduced patient referral queues from 12,000 to 1,200; reduced wait times for MRIs from 60 days to 2 days; and continued support for the academic and teaching mission of LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport with over $160 million in payments.  
  • Future State is Launched

    Future State was formed to serve all of University Health Shreveport and Monroe’s IT and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) needs. Through its brand, EMR Everywhere, Future State offers healthcare entities large and small with an affordable, technologically advanced electronic healthcare system. Future State/EMR Everywhere provides access to its EPIC healthcare platform and expertise to small hospitals, clinics and physician practices, advancing healthcare technology in the community and the state while contributing to job growth in North Louisiana.
  • University Health System Transitions

    University Health System was transitioned to a new entity, Ochsner LSU Health System of North Louisiana, which is jointly owned by Ochsner Health System and LSU. While under BRF ownership and operation, the two former state teaching hospitals accomplished new quality rankings, improved the care offered to its patients and greatly increased operational efficiencies. The turnaround of the hospitals was accomplished by volunteer boards and a dedicated leadership team. With the community’s support, more than 3,200 jobs were saved and the region’s safety net health system was preserved.
  • ORDA Becomes Envision Research

    Envision Research pursues strategic initiatives in translational research, engages qualified scientific investigators and healthcare providers, and supports the implementation and completion of clinical trials.
  • Shreveport Next Launches

    Shreveport Next’s mission is to recruit small to mid-sized businesses from across the country to relocate or build new facilities in the Shreveport-Bossier area, bringing new jobs and revenue to the region.
  • Omicron is Recruited to Shreveport

    Omicron Technology Solutions is a software-as-a-service developer and provider serving three industries: transit and rider management, identity and visitor management, and student information software.
  • The New CMIT opens

    A 23,000 square foot Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy (CMIT) was opened at 2120 Kings Hwy, which consolidates three older CMIT facilities into one while providing upgraded and expanded equipment.

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Expert economic forecaster Dr. Marci Rossell provided a global economic forecast at BRF's Annual Event in Northwest Louisiana. Topics covered: global economic outlook, federal reserve, federal interest rates, housing costs, remote work, Artificial Intelligence, unemployment rates, labor force trends, oil prices and inflation.

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