DMII grads create virtual tank for Shreveport Aquarium on display at Regional Airport

The Digital Media Institute at Intertech (DMII) is supplying a pipeline of workers and interns to various local industries, proving that digital media skills have a broad application.

“Though digital media’s most popular applications are in the entertainment sectors, media and digital content are exploding everywhere we look today, and the applications for the skill sets are broadening exponentially, driven by the growth and proliferation of digital technology,” said DMII Executive Director John Miralles.

DMII graduates are taking advantage of diverse entry level, project hire and paid internship opportunities at companies across the Ark-La-Tex, ranging from digital studios to architecture firms to cutting edge cyber security companies and supporting the launch of Shreveport Aquarium.

DMII students also are engaging in projects for Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) portfolio companies as they grow in our community. DMII works to partner recent alumni with local companies to support their growth in the digital media sector.

DMII grads Aaron Culpepper, Garrett Williams and Kristina Koch have created a virtual 3D animated aquarium that was recently placed on display at the Shreveport Regional Airport to attract visitors to the Shreveport Aquarium, a project of Planet Aqua Group, one of EAP’s 27 portfolio companies.

The aquarium is set to open in the summer.

“DMII is a hidden gem that we found in Shreveport, and we are delighted to have them as a partner in the aquarium design. They are currently working on several digital media projects for us and have brought a level of expertise and imagination that was completely unanticipated,” said Jon Whitehead, Director of Business Development for Planet Aqua Group. “We know our guests will be blown away by the cutting edge content and interactives that DMII will deliver.”

Clip from Moviesauce for the Shreveport Aquarium