Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) receives $5,000 Capital One grant to help startups locate funding

Shreveport, La. — BRF’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) is helping local startups obtain early funding by offering assistance with finding and applying for grants. This service is thanks to a $5,000 grant from Capital One ® .

Grants can be crucial for some entrepreneurs looking to get their business ideas off the ground. The capital secured through grant funding can be important to keep the business afloat before it can turn a profit. EAP recognized that one of the most difficult challenges for business owners is finding a grant for which they qualify.

The Capital One grant will allow EAP to work with three startups. Those startups will receive help identifying potential grants and applying for them.

“EAP is pleased to offer this service, especially to entrepreneurs who have low-to-moderate incomes,” said EAP Executive Director Dave Smith. “We plan to particularly engage with women and minority entrepreneurs, focusing on those who may not have the resources or expertise to find and apply for these grants.” EAP anticipates this funding will allow it to help three entrepreneurs each find and apply for up to three grants for their startups.

Visit EAPLA.com to apply for services from EAP and to learn more about the assistance offered through this grant.

EAP serves as the region’s startup accelerator and small business resource by analyzing the viability of ideas and products, matching entrepreneurs with informed investors and other funding opportunities, and nurturing them through the critical steps toward market. EAP provides a suite of services to build sustainable and profitable companies in North Louisiana. EAP, through NorLEAP, has expanded its services across 21 North Louisiana parishes and spearheads North Louisiana university pitch competitions.