Moonbot to expand growth in Shreveport

The Biomedical Research Foundation congratulates Moonbot Studios, who has shared space in its InterTech 1 facility since 2009, on its expansion at Caddo Schools’ Alexander Learning Center.

“We’re excited about Moonbot Studios’ continued growth in Shreveport and we congratulate them on all their accomplishments so far, including their academy award winning animation short,” said Dr. John George, BRF President andCEO. “Moonbot has wanted to expand for some time but unfortunately the facilities we own and operate for lease in theInterTech Science Park are 95 percent full.”

BRF was involved with helping Moonbot Studios become established in Shreveport as the first full service animation studioin Louisiana.

“We appreciate the BRF support in starting Moonbot Studios here in Shreveport.  They provided invaluable assistance inbusiness planning, access to high internet speeds and capacity and secure facilities to grow our business from 2 employeesto over 50,” said Lampton Enochs, Moonbot Studios, Partner.

“Moonbot represents exactly the type of high growth business success that the BRF and its Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) are working to advance in all business sectors,” George said.

The state-of-the-art InterTech 1 facility leased by Moonbot Studios is part of the InterTech Science Park, a development ina former aging manufacturing area of inner city Shreveport.

InterTech 1 is just one of 12 facilities in the InterTech Science Park. These 12 facilities offer 353,000 square feet of hightech, redeveloped or newly constructed space on 800 acres occupied by more than 25 tenants.

These tenants employ more than 420 with an annual payroll of $23.4 million.

By 2017, the space from where Moonbot Studios graduated at InterTech 1 will be available for the next high growth startup.